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Mathoho Actually A Family Supporter

This has been very unsual lately to see such a player supporting his family. Some people when they find success at times they usualy forget where they come from. Of which is said to bring bad luck on to them. Mathoho is really taking care of his mother and sons of which is great thing that should be done.

To see such a player with success and a well teken care family is good. And it is a greeat thing that many people should learn from. You never know what a person is going through. But still success is being hunted.

As other people we are learning that no matter what we going through we should not forget to feed our families. And we should not forget to hunt our success. All of that should be learnt from mathoho. This shows that he has a great mind as well as a great heart.

In proving all of the above information here is a picture of mathoho and his mother below.

The above pictures give us more information about how well the mathoho is supporting his mother. And how well they are both living. Also other players should learn from mathoho of how does things in life.

Still in proving this information here is another picture of mathoho's boys below.

With the clothes they are wearing you can tell that they are well taken of. And why would they suffer if mathoho is such a great supporter.The picture of his boys still defines him as a great provider for his family not everyone does that.

To add more to the information here is another picture of mathoho with his boy below.

That's how a great player like mathoho should be defined and that's how many players should do. Mathoho can be defined as a great family supporter. And all thanks to the football industry of south africa especially kaizer chiefs.

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