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'Mamkhize is running this team like a spaza shop' Tweeps Slam MaMkhize

'Mamkhize is running this team like a spaza shop' Tweeps Slam MaMkhize

Twitter have accused MaMkhize 9f running Royal AM as a spaza shop. This come after MaMkhize and her son Andile were caught in camera giving our hard cash money. Many tweeps have reacted to to the way he handle the situation. MAmkhize has received multiple criticism on social media.

With caption: "#Mamkhize is running this team like a spaza shop" this bragging real shows gore she have never worked for that money".

Rewarding players is always a good gesture MaMkhize but the execution was completely over the top and unnecessary - even Zone14 players deserved better - Respect! By the way taxman and cash-in-transit heist crew were also watching the game.

For the safety of players who do not have body guards, the best thing Mamkhize can do is not to give players a bunch of money in public. They can be targeted by criminals. We do not have a problem with how she wants to show off her riches but players's well being.

Some tweeos have been suggesting that Official PSL should really come hard on the behaviour of MaMkhize and RoyalAM otherwise it's curtains for the professional league, already struggling to attract sponsors and fans, PSL business model will cease to exist

Here are some other comments:

"Even some players weren't charmed by what Mamkhize,Andile Mpisane and their groupies were doing because they could see it's degrading and downright embarrassing.

"Unprofessional! Is this an act punishable with a charge for bringing the League into disrepute? A Royal AM player pleads with a coach to tell #Mamkhize not to come to the players with that money with rolling cameras everywhere.

"No, ba botse ba ska tla ka yona (money) mo."

"@OfficialPSL what @RAMFC_sa is doing done by giving players hard cash on field clearly it shows the way @OfficialPSL should have done ages ago. Yes the might be tax implications for players. Surely she will sort it out. Haters will hate. #Mamkhize I salute!"

"She might have lots of money, but #Mamkhize ke Mampara! Moemish! Bhari! Kalakoen! Moegoe! Sebenteen! Stlayela!

You don’t just do such rubbish."

"Yazi uMaMkhize was a laid back, down to earth wife, living a rich but very quiet life. Even with all the material things she was gounded. Then she got divorced and started seeing herself as a celebrity, and the independence went straight to her head."

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