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Cristiano Ronaldo's Lookalike Who People Think He Is Ronaldo's Twin Brother.

I think most of us have heard the idea that every one of us has a huge probability that someone looks like us somewhere in the world. There could now be a minor difference, such height and voice, but in certain rare situations, the people involved may have comparable features. Now that's science, but not what we have to talk about here.

Christiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most popular individuals in the world and occasionally we see people saying they look just like the Portuguese football icon. One can only be Ronaldo's twin among those who claimed to look like Ronaldo. Yes, this individual resembles Ronaldo in such a way that one may easily mistake him at first sight for the United Superstar.

His name is Bewar Abdullah and he previously stated that many think he may be the twin of Ronaldo (if wishes were horses). Bewar has uploaded several images on Instagram, dressed and posing like Cristiano Ronaldo, and the shots have attracted followers' attention throughout the years.

The only major difference between Ronaldo and Beware is that Bewar's head is larger than the Portuguese star (I mean that in a good way). But judging from the photographs uploaded Beware, he may be a little higher than Cristiano Ronaldo. Bewar is also a great Ronaldo admirer, and for years now Ronaldo has been tagging in all his Instagram photos. He's presumably attempting to attract the Portuguese star's attention.

The first popular football we saw wasn't Cristiano Ronaldo that has a doppelganger. On the past, a Messi lookalike also surfaced for all the wrong reasons in social media (case with over 23 women). Here are several photographs showcasing his resemblance Ronaldo and Bewar. The true Ronaldo...

Bewar, the doppelganger of Ronaldo...

CREDIT photograph: Google Abdullah and Bewar (Instagram account)

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