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How Opera News Hub has changed my life.

When I first learnt of Opera News Hub launch in South Africa last year during the early stages of the national-wide Covid-19 lockdown I was down and out. I had lost hope of finding a sustainable source of income and I had no means to survive.

I had just lost my job as a football scout because junior matches were prohibited and to some extent they are still prohibited as fans are not allowed in stadiums even though matches have resumed.

After losing my job, I was unable to pay for my car, rent or buy food. I also lost friends and my then girlfriend because of the hard financial situation I was faced with. I had no way forward so I decided to give Opera News Hub a chance and see how it goes.

I had previous writing experience after working for the likes of Joburg Post and Diski Times. I also held PR positions for well established sport agencies, namely Newton Sports Agency in Durban and QT Sports in Johannesburg.

But with all the PR, social media management and scouting experience I had, I had never done any freelance work before and I did not know what to expect. However, I needed money and I needed it quick or else I risked being homeless.

My car had already been repossessed and I had gone days without a meal but I couldn't risk losing shelter over my head especially with Covid-19 causing havoc across the country.

Inter-provincial travel was also not allowed, meaning I couldn't go home to be with my family. I was stuck, hungry, broke and I had lost all sort of hope. The only thing I had was time on my hands, free internet and a platform that was willing to publish my articles.

The first few articles I did were all sport related as that is one of my many passions. I cannot explain the joy I got as thousands of people read my work and I got a sense of pride seeing my articles online.

Getting up everyday to do my articles gave me a sense of purpose and I learnt new skills as well. I was looking forward to each day and soon I started doing more than just sport related articles.

The platform gave me an opportunity to update the public on Covid-19 inflections, deaths and recoveries. I also worked on political and entertainment articles. By the end of April I had done on average 5 articles a day and I was eager to find out how much I was going to make come the end of the month.

Remember this was before the payment method was changed so my first month as a writer was very rewarding both financially and emotionally.

Yes I wish I could be paid more and there's always room for improvement but without Opera News Hub I wouldn't have survived the early stages of the Covid-19 lockdown and I would be homeless.

Thank You Opera News Hub!!!!!!

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