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Hard To Believe What The Ghanian Football Association Said To SAFA About The Complaint

Hard To Believe What The Ghanian Football Association Said To SAFA About The Complaint

Date: 2021/11/17

It is very hard to believe that the Ghanian Football Association does not see things the way South Africa sees them, they believe that Bafana lost the game fair and square so it is better than that FIFA throws the complaint out the window because it has no substance, also South Africa’s defender was caught out of position so it is better that they stop being bitter losers.


If they play the black stars of Ghana again they will lose ten times, the Bafana national team has no understanding of the middle field position like Tomas who was born in Ghana the guy is too good Physically, and he has the football brains that are necessary for success.

Jordan Ayew knows how to win games, he has been blessed to have to take the opportunities that were given to him with both hands, so is his brother Andre Ayew who plays in England professionally, all of these guys never miss practice, they are always sharp and fit to go, they know how to make things happen, in South Africa football is not that important, because at most township schools they do not even water the grass, how will the kids develop if they can only get to the highest level of quality when they reach the PSL.

In most countries they take soccer very serious, that is why we see the same teams and countries keep on succeeding because we do not work hard enough to groom them while they are still young but they want to turn it into a job, so as soon as these guys get to a certain age they can never be taught what discipline is, they just stay in the same place they were before.


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