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What contributed to Robert Marawa's success.

Ladies and gentlemen . Boys and girls on today's issue we have the one and only the incredible sports presenter Mr Robert Marawa.

Robert Marawa is a sports journalist, radio and television presenter . One the the coolest and well read people in the sporting media space. You cannot mention football , olympics , cricket and rugby without mentioning Robert.

He is the enyclopedia of sports in South Africa. No wonder he has worked for almost every sporting broadcasting corporation in South Africa, he is that good when it comes to everything sports and he sure looks good doing it too.

Let me get to the point then. Robert Marawa is a very cool person . He is smart , creative , intelligent , very well connected in his industry of expertise and no doubt he is a hard-worker. It seems everything he touches turns into gold. Whenever he is on TV or Radio the ratings go up . Whenever he graces the cover of a magazine the copies get sold out in less than a week and when he stares in an advert either for Nivea , Shield or any other clinical brand for men the products sell like hot cakes .

It's the magical way he has of doing things . He is a sporting genuius and an immortal media icon. South Africa is very lucky to have him as part of the voices and faces of sports media that represent our rainbow nation. 

What is Robert Marawa's secret to success and longevity in a very competitive industry of sports presenting? Well l believe it's the fact that he is simply a nice guy. An approachable , humble character. He is also very private about his life which makes me an interesting individual , the more we seek answers, the more impressed we are with him , it's simply smart psychology and it is working wonders for Mr Robert Marawa.

What do you say? Drop your comments below , thank you. 

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