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Maluleka: I think we have no competition, the league is ours again, Chiefs do not stand a chance

Maluleka I think we have no competition, the league is ours again. So far so good there's no threat. Last time when I see you you were warming up.

Winning the league without playing a single game it's like getting pension from Government when you have never worked in your entire life.To replace zwane. I thought I will see you playing then boon here you were running to fetch water for zwane.

Of course he have no competition bcoz players in other teams play the good game but he sanitizes his teammates and cooks for them.Maluleka keep santinze players and polished there boot of players.

Which team are you and which competition are talking about because i never see him in a field of play some people can make you laugh endlessly.It must be nice winning the league from the bench. I see you didn't learn anything from Mabunda, that bench Warner of NOTE.



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