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Premier League

Liverpool won all three points and left Manchester united with nothing.

After today's game, no body would wish to be a Manchester United player. The match itself was something that everyone has been waiting for. Looking forward to the biggest clubs in the Premier league meeting. During the week Liverpool won it's game and set on top of their group stage. Manchester united also lost their game but they were able to come back and get win. Coming in to this fixture every body knew that Manchester united where not playing well. A lot of things where happening dur there UEFA champions league games. The First Half was the beginning of the match and everyone was waiting to see what could happen. Within 5 minutes Keita gave Liverpool their first goal. It came in fast and surprised everyone. The Manchester united fans saw that more could be coming. In the 13th minutes Jota gave Liverpool their second goal. In the 38th minutes Salah scored and the silence could be felt all over the Manchester united Stadium. Manchester united had know answers for Liverpool, nobody could believe what was happening to Manchester united. Before half time Salah came again to take Liverpool further out of reach. The Cracks in Manchester united could be seen and Liverpool where taking advantage of it.

Second half came and Manchester united Paul Pogoba was gaven a Red card. Salah in the 50th minutes came again and gave Liverpool a winning lead. Manchester united with a man down could not do enything. There are many questions one would have for Manchester united. Why didn't the players mark when they had no ball. Why so many space behind them. No leadership could be seen in the team. Salah became the highest African football score in the Premier league and to score in 10 concetive games. With the win, Liverpool move to second place and Manchester united are out of the top five. West Ham in the top Four

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