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Patrice Motsepe The Right Fit For CAF?

Patrice Motsepe is there only for his personal agenda, his clueless about African football.

He is just there for status, some rich guys reach a level where it’s no longer about money, but to have total control of everything!

He is on PR sending Caf games to orlando stadiums so it looks good on TV.

However, not many share the same sentiments. It's still early days, he was elected this year. I believe he'll improve a lot.

work in progress you will see the result in 2 or 3 years. He first needs to maintain some stability.

The main challenge with CAF is the TV rights issue and a bid is out for service providers to come onboard.

Other reforms can follow.

After he took over the CAF Presidential office, he said the terms and conditions of the contract with sport 5 if I'm not mistaken is ridiculous and he will involve fifa so that they can be able to cancel it. French companies and Francophone countries were doing dirt on CAF. CAF needed someone like Patrice.It's possible. Not only Francophones, but North Africa as well. CAF must be representative of the whole continent.

Proper foundation with firm principles.

Let's be fair, Isa Hayatou spent a cool 29 years at the CAF helm. What difference did he make? Motsepe hasn't been there for a minute.

He cancelled the deal of 5TV which is based in France ,that deal was a corrupt and fraudulent one ! There is a case if fraud pending for Issa Hayatou ,that's why we are able to watch CAF games here in SA . if people are clueless the should learn to understand.

Motsepe has to fix all the mess caused by previous presidents of CAF. Last time he said CAF is in a court battle for Tv Rights and his fixing that. Give him a chance.

Trust the process ,the black child said his main priority is bringing back the African football to it own people let wait and see. Change can't just happen overnight.

He said he would sort out the eight as first thing . We are yet to see any movement really. We get to see qualifiers from Europe. 

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