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REVEALED| The Prophet Has Said Something About Messi That Shōcks Mzansi, Read More.

The South African famous prophet strikes again and this time about the Paris Saint German player, Lionel Messi.

People are still wondering if the famous prophet is right or just looking for attention.Many people have been following Rhadebe Lihle for his spiritual guidance and for revealing what is about to happen in the country or in the world.Recently, the famous prophet revealed something about the Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi.According to Rhadebe Lihle, Barcelona fans should not be worried about the return of Lionel Messi.

Apparently he will definitely go back to Barcelona and people are concerned about the issue.

Many people thought the same about Neymar when he left Barcelona for Paris Saint German (PSG) but he never returned.Just like Lionel Messi, he left Barcelona after a long period of time for PSG and the famous prophet claim Messi will go back home.South Africans are left with questions and want to know when will Messi return and if he return as a player or a coach.Seemingly people still want to see Lionel Messi at Barcelona even after leaving the team in a very bad state.Barcelona was not doing well after the confirmation that Lionel Messi is leaving the team.

The team began to suffer and lost many of their games which really showed that Lionel Messi was fighting for the team.Now that he left, Rhadebe Lihle made an announcement and tells fans that they should not be worried about his return.

"Messi Will Go Back To Barcelona Don't Worry" said the famous prophet.


The return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona will definitely take time since they can no longer afford to pay him.The famous prophet could be right about his return but people will have to wait and see if Rhadebe Lihle's prophecy is right or not.

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Source: Rhadebe Lihle

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