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OPINION: Four Reasons Messi Dribbles Faster Than Other Footballers

Messi has a top speed of 32.5 kph. EPL wingers and center-midfielders have average speeds of 32.4 kph and 28.4 kph, respectively. Messi's quick acceleration explains why he appears to be so quick with the ball. Short legs allow him to reach full speed faster than long-leg players. Messi was practically born with speed, agility, and balance. You can look at some of Messi's possessions listed below.


Footballers who have a shorter running stride and a lower center of gravity can decelerate and accelerate quickly, as well as anticipate changes in motion. As a result, Messi can change direction and use his speed as much as he wants. Commentators frequently use phrases like "the ball is glued to his feet" to describe Messi's dribbling. His command of the ball is undeniable. He always has the ball 10 cm to 1.5 m in front of him. It's too dangerous for defenders to launch tackles without committing a foul. When compared to players with a high center of gravity, players with a low center of gravity have a shorter time to get back on their feet if they fall to the ground.


Messi's body feint moves, in which he shimmys and shifts the ball to the opposite leg, cause the opponent to misjudge the movement and commit to the wrong direction. However, when Messi dribbles, one of the most noticeable aspects of his stance is that his head is always up. In a confined space and with limited time, he always observes his opponent's movement. This puts him one step ahead of his competitors.


Messi exemplifies a superior combination of endurance and speed. One study on dribbling in football discovered that dribbling increases energy use, exertion of motion, and blood lactate. According to one study, speed and power characteristics are influenced by 30 percent to 90 percent genetic factors, while peak oxygen uptake or endurance is influenced by 40 percent to 70 percent genetic factors. Messi was born with these characteristics, but it would be unjust to dismiss nurture and place nature above all else. He is gifted and has worked hard to reach that level.


A theory has emerged from a Swedish study that attempted to decode the science behind Messi's dribbling. According to the study, the player's exceptional dribbling and speed stem from his excellent brainwork, which allows him to read the game faster than his opponents, allowing him to be one step ahead of them. As a result, Messi's abilities are not limited to his feet, but also to other aspects of his game.

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