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Mamkhize and Shaun Stylist wears their sportswear to support Royal AM

Shaun Stylist and Shaun Mamkhize are working together and it is amazing how they have the same name. They were going to support Royal AM in their encounter, which did not go well for them. They have lost after having had a good win during the week and they were on top of the premier soccer league. It did not take them more than seven days to go down.

The defending champions are back in the number one position again. They were in full colours of the Royal AM, hoping that it would be a great day for another victory. In the case of football, you may predict the results, but you are not sure if you are going to get them as expected. Prediction does not guarantee your results.

Shaun Stylist is in charge of making sure that the Mamkhize's family looks well dressed because he is hired for it. He has found a good person Mamkhize, who loves fashion a lot and she is all the time posting pictures with different outfits. Shaun's stylist is also the person in charge of ensuring that he is dressed appropriately.

Everyone wants to look as beautiful as possible, and that is why Mamkhize has invested in fashion. She is always wearing expensive clothes, and Musa Khuwula used to check the prices of her clothes. While still on Musa Khuwula, he is doing what made him famous on social media, even though he has received threats for his tweets.

If you know Mamkhize, then you are aware of how she is always looking to get into the spotlight. Sometimes it does not go well for her because people are mocking her on social media, more specifically when it comes to Twitter. That is why she is not on the app and she is avoiding the treatment that is seen as normal for how they tweet.

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