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Fikile Mbalula brags about meeting famous footballer Lionel Messi and Junior Nymer

Fikile Mbalula posted pictures of famous soccer players yesterday, bragging about them and having a great time in France.

Anonymous report posted about Fikile Mbalula, The South African politician took pictures with Lionel Messi and share the picture on Twitter. The first question is who wouldn't want a picture with one of the best soccer players in the world.

The reactions and comments on that picture: someone said "they are the ones that go to other countries and come back with foreign diseases" it sounds really off but it's a fact and the truth.

There's no country on earth that is not affected by the corona virus but here we see images of our fellow South African citizens in France without warning a mask.

Is the covid 19 gone? Not really but this should teaches South Africans that politicians travel in and out of the country even during lockdown. People are not allowed to leave their houses without a mask.

The former minister of transport did not take pictures Lionel Messi only but the Brazilian soccer player Junior Nymer. The two players are now playing together on PSG right after Messi's contract wasn't renewed at Barcelona. He then joined the PSG club.

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