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See the reason why women are not allowed to fight as long as men in Fighting sports

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The question that one might ask is the reason why women are not allowed to fight as men in Fighting sports and in various other careers that require physical energy.

I want to guess that you have had speculation of what the reason could be.

The issue was also spoken and talked of by the world light-middlew eight champion claressa shields, she made demands that the length of women world title should be equal to that of men.

The women world fights have 10 rounds and the length of two minutes and the male fights 12 rounds for the length of three minutes.

But it's not the men or the women who choose to put this regulatory law, it's the WBC who said that the difference in this fighing length is not anything from either sexism or anything but based on scientific studies which proved that female fighters, boxing, are more likely to suffer concussions as the have susceptibility and more prolonged symptoms than males

However boxers such claressa says this makes even more that women should be paid less than men and such rules are supposed to be changed.

The WBC said that it's all women in all sports who earn less than men and the work begun in creating campaigns and with other organisation on this issue.


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