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Kaizer Chiefs Stricker Bernard Parker's Contract Raises A Lot of Eyebrows

Kaizer Chiefs Stricker Bernard Parkers Contract Raises A Lot of Speculation Eyebrows

Date: 2021/11/24

Kaizer Chiefs is on the brink of collapse if they do not fix Bernard Parker’s contract situation fast, the man is at the top of his game, the things that he has been able to do for the Chiefs are amazing, a lot of people thought he was washed only to find out that he is still clean and can still be at the top if he wants too. The contract is coming to an end this coming June.


He has shown a lot of kids that hard work and dedication and never giving up even when people do not believe in you is important, he knows that there we doubters who never thought he could achieve what he has been able to secure so far in his life by making sure that he does not give up.

Parker is the greatest to ever do what he is doing, people tried to get him out of Chiefs when things were not going well in his life, now his life is beautiful they want to join him once again, he must score again that is the only way you get the attention you want at Chiefs, if you score goals people start liking you, most of them end up wanting to be in your presence. He has great charisma, he also has a beautiful heart, he opens his arms to new players that give out their best performance like Dolly.

Parker should be respected for what he has achieved in his life, he plays for a team that is a retirement village for a lot of players that have just come from over bad expired deals overseas and they came back home to try and revive themselves so they can get to their best versions of themselves once again and people can give them the love they missed whey they were overseas. 


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