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Teko Modise's wife is affluent (see what she does for a living)

PSL footballers only make money from playing football. But that's not why the wives and girlfriends of PSL footballers are rich. Many of these smart women have made their own money.

Whether they are TV hosts, businesswomen, or actresses, these beautiful women have earned a spotless reputation as their partners have moved on to bigger and better things.

In the past few years, many well-known PSL athletes have chosen their happily ever after based on both looks and intelligence. Even though Teko Modise is known as one of the best dribblers in South Africa, he took that same energy off the field and dribbled his way into Koketso Chipane's heart.

After Modise paid Lobola for her in 2018, the couple recently had the second part of their wedding. Since then, the beautiful couple has told everyone that they are going to have a baby. This makes us think that they will be together for the rest of their lives. Koketso is not only Mrs. Modise, but she is also a successful and educated person.

We have since learned from other sources that she works as a Market Risk Analyst at the South African Reserves Bank (SARB). Her main job at the JSE-listed company is to figure out how likely it is that an investment in the financial sector will lose money or make money.

We've also learned since then that a Market Risk Analyst's average salary, based on the pay scale, is about R310,011 per year. Now that we know what she does for a living, it's safe to say that Koketso Chipane is also one of the most educated women connected to a footballer. Her job requires a lot of qualifications, mostly a lot of experience in accounting and finance.

Sources: Analyst/Salary

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