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3 Biggest Sumo Wrestlers - See Them Here

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Sports, especially those that fall under the category of wrestling, are incredibly exciting and entertaining. Many people have seen massive competitors in mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but nothing compares to the size of sumo wrestlers.

Sumo wrestling is unique in that it originated in Japan and has its own set of rules and combat methods. Sumo wrestling is Japan's national sport, and it is possible to practice and compete in it professionally.

Sumo fighters have special dietary requirements, which is one of the reasons they grow so large. If you're interested in learning about the greatest sumo wrestlers in history, keep reading because we'll go through the top heaviest sumo wrestlers.

1. Satoshi Orora

Orora Satoshi holds the record for the heaviest sumo wrestler in history. He fights in the top makushita sumo class and weights a world-record-breaking 645 pounds (292.6 kg).

Orora's weight puts him ahead of all of his opponents, and in 2012, he fought Ohara, who weighed 183 pounds, in the greatest weight differential bout in history.

He weighed around 420 pounds at the time (190 kg). Orora's heavyweight, on the other hand, has been a problem for him, winning only half of his battles because to his lack of quickness and agility.

2. Yasokichi Konishiki

Despite the fact that he is not a Japanese sumo wrestler, Konishiki is well-known in Japan and was the first non-Japanese wrestler to reach the second-highest sumo level, Ozeki.

He is also the second-heaviest sumo wrestler in the world, having won three Top Division Championships and coming close to becoming the first non-Japanese 'yokozuna'.

Konishiki weighed around 633 lbs. (287 kg) at the height of his career, earning him nicknames like "Dump Truck" and "Meat Bomb." Konishiki had been the world's heaviest and largest sumo wrestler since 1996, until Orora dethroned him in 2017.

3. Yamamotoyama is a sumo wrestler who was born in Saitama, Japan. Despite the fact that he resigned from active sumo wrestling, his name is still remembered as one of the heaviest sumo wrestlers of all time.

Yamamotoyama is still the heaviest Japanese-born sumo wrestler of all time, weighing over 584 pounds (265 kgs), making him the all-time biggest Japanese.

Yamamotoyama won the majority of National and International Sumo championships by using his size to his advantage.

Yamamotoyama astonished the world when he ate 146 sushi pieces in one sitting, which explains how he gained so much weight at the age of 37.

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