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VIDEO: South African rugby fans jams to Sister Bethina hit song

Rugby fans for the South African team, Springbok, have sang an all-time favourite song for South Africans. A more than 20-year-old hit song was played in less than a second. The supporters of Springbok immediately sang along to the song after the national anthem. It was a beautiful moment that everyone loved to see.

There was a picture that was circulating on social media that was seen as a defining moment that people in South Africa were coming together regardless of their skin colour and culture. Without a doubt, that picture was truly beautiful, but Kwena Marara did not respond well because he still experienced racism from a different race.

South African music is seen as uniting people, but it may not be more than the Sister Bethina hip-hop song. As much as it is old, people still love the song and even when it is played in the clubs or shisanyama, people go wild, like a hit song released a week ago. Magarimbe has really made a timeless hit song and it is still a huge record.

When the song is played, people are automatically happy to hear it, and it does not matter the location. If many people who were at the rugby match loved it, it can happen to any place to play it. The song is about the youth having to enjoy their time, and even though you are not in the youth years, people are still loving it. Even though it may not be a hit song for the continent or world.

But locally, you will not go wrong the moment you play the song. Even though other people do not know the lyrics to the Zulu part of it, but you can see from their reaction that they were happy. That is how others have reacted at the Springbok match. The Springboks have a lot of fans and the stadium was completely packed.

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