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PSL Must Protest Against Sundowns: Junior Kanye

-Junior: The PSL Should Rally Against Sundowns 

At Loftus Stadium, Sundowns proved their worth against Chiefs in a thrilling matchup. 

After a season of bad decisions, Kaiser Chiefs let Cardoso go at the end of the year. However, the Chiefs still appear to be having issues at center back. Ngezana just had a bad day. 

The coach has more concerns if he has to take off his starting center back and put in a backup. because, barring injury, a center-back should always play the complete game. 

As the first half ends, the cost of losing a center back might be high. 

Even though Njabulo Ngcobo is a talented player, he appeared to have put on a lot of weight when he entered the game. By the end of the season, he barely got any playing time. 

It's likely that he'd perform better if he was in better shape. 

Nassir is a Wonderful New Addition 

Nassir may have been too much for Ngcobo, according to Junior. 

Nassir proved himself to be a shining light. 

Only 10 minutes of observation will reveal his skills. You can get away with less instruction when working with him. His brains are as sharp as a football. 

Separation is something he's mastered. 

Sundowns revealed Zungu after a 4-0 win over Chiefs, and Junior couldn't believe his eyes. 

He suggested that the PSL file a complaint against the Sundowns for acquiring so many talented players. 

Junior was impressed by Sundown's technical staff and said they had an excellent eye for talent. 

Nassir has undeniable talent. There was yet another perilous sphere. He not only took the information in, but he also appeared to be a threat going forward. It's too bad he couldn't kill Chiefs after they cheated him out of his punishment. 

As said by Victor Gomes It almost ruined the whole thing. 

Victor Gomes's decision-making has dissatisfied Junior. When Sekgotha tripped within the box, he is certain that it was not a foul. 

He recommended that Victor Gomes ease up. He has to step aside and allow the players to shine. The spotlight shouldn't be on him, but on the players. Where does he get off hogging the spotlight? 

The referee does not get to vote on who gets man of the match; that honor goes to the players. As a result, he sent the wrong player to the penalty box.


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