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FIFA World Cup

Ranked: 5 Best Football Matches In History (Photos)

In football, every match can be very good, depending on which side you stand on, but in the history of football, there are some well-known games that will never be forgotten even in the years to come, thanks to their unique results.

 In this article, we will discuss 5 matches of the best football tournament in the history of football.

 1. Brazil against Germany (2014 FIFA World Cup)

 First on our list is the 2014 Semi-final matches between the two best teams in the world; Brazil and Germany. It’s amazing to know that the game ended with a 7: 1 positive result over Germany’s victory.

 Both teams were interested in the team, both did not win the competition.

 Alas, the Brazilian star; Neymar was out, due to Injury, and Thiago Silva; The captain could not play because of the second yellow card.

 Germany took a 5-0 lead, scoring 4 goals in less than 10 minutes. They went on to add two more in the second half. The Brazilians lost hope, but before the final whistle, they managed to put the ball behind the German net, finishing the game in 7: 1. One of the best games in football history.

 2.Benfica Vs Real Madrid (1962 European Cup final)

 Second on our list, is a European Cup Final match, between Real Madrid and Benfica in 1962.

 Madrid led first, with a hat off from Puskas. But from nowhere Benfica scored 2 goals before the end of the first half, and beat three more in the second half, to win the European Championship with a 5:3 victory.

 Fans were shocked, Benfica went from three goals to two. It is one of the best games in history.

 3. Roma Vs Inter Milan (Serie A 1998/99)

 Next on our list is the Serie A match between Roma and Inter Milan in the 1998/99 season.

 The game started with a 2: 0 lead in favor of Inter Milan, after two impressive goals from Baggio. The Roma scored their first goal in the 26th minute, and Milan added another 7 minutes.

 The Roma did not stop there, in just 2 minutes, scoring 2 goals, to 3: 3, first in the second half, and 7 minutes later; Zamorano, put the ball behind Roma's net to score 4: 3 at Inter Milan.

 Once again Roma Totti completed the game 4: 4 in the 79th minute. But four minutes into the final whistle Baggio fired another in Milan, to win 5: 4 against Roma. It was truly one of the best football games.

 4. Barcelona Vs Real Madrid (La Liga 2010-2011)

 Next on our list, in a memorable La Liga match, between two of Spain's best teams; Real Madrid and Barcelona.

 Xavi, the Barca legend scored the first goal in the 10th minute in Barcelona. Just 8 minutes later a fine cross from David Villa reached Pedro and ended up scoring 2:0.

 In the second half, David Villa scored two goals for himself, with the help of Messi, just 10 minutes. And when we thought it was over, Jeffren took the ball back to the Meringue net, to end the game with a 5: 0 victory over Barcelona.

 It was written as one of the best games in the history of football.

 5. Liverpool Vs Milan (2005 UEFA Champions League)

 The final match of the 2005 Championship League between Liverpool and AC Milan is the last on our list.

 The game started with a stunning 3-0 win over Milan, thanks to Milan striker Hernan Crespo, who scored 2 goals before the end of the first half.

 In the second half, something happened, in just 6 minutes, Liverpool scored three goals, to equalize at 3:3.

 The game was completed until further notice followed by a Penalty shot.

 Liverpool won the shot with a 3: 2 victory, thanks to a surprise from Liverpool producer; Jerzy Dudek. It was undoubtedly one of the best games in the history of football.

 Which of the following best describes you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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