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Kaitano Tembe's salary at super sport United after being labelled "Broke" by Benni McCarthy revealed

The famed soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is credited with saying that "money is not important; having a lot of money is crucial." This is a famous quote that is often misattributed to Ibrahimovic. He is currently one of the finest, and when it comes to smack, he is the best there is. He is the best there is. However, he is not merely a talkative individual. In addition to that, he has a lot of goals to his name, which makes him one of the most dangerous forwards in the history of football.

The Swedish striker has accomplished something that the vast majority of football players can only hope to do. Because he is one of the most talented people of his generation, he is not concerned with financial matters. Benni McCarthy, who was also one of the best players of his time and is now one of the richest former South African footballers, is South Africa's answer to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In South Africa, we have our own Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the form of the famous Benni McCarthy.

During the most recent league game, the former forward who is now a coach got into a furious dispute with the coach of Supersport United, Kaitano Tembe. The former forward was born in Cape Town, and he currently lives there. McCarthy was recorded on camera saying, "I have no regard for you anymore, and that's why you're broke." McCarthy was caught saying this. Since then, people have been discussing what Benni McCarthy stated, and as a result, many people are curious about whether or not Kaitano Tembe is actually broke.

The fact that Tembo is one of the most experienced coaches in South Africa's premier league makes it quite evident that Supersport United is in a financial position to offer him a larger wage. Since then, we've learnt that he earns an unbelievable R500,000 per month as the head coach of the squad headquartered in Pretoria. This figure came to us after we learned it.

The head coach, who was born in Zimbabwe, currently has one of the highest salaries in the top league that is played in South Africa. Since Kaitaino Tembe's salary has been made public, it is obvious that he is not "broke," given that the majority of us can only fantasize about getting that much money.



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