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Opinion - The problem I have with that white dude who is coaching Lux is this

22 MAY 2022.

The problem I have with that white dude who is coaching Lux and his flock to go out and promote Dudula, is that he doesn't set his foot in the township. And I have cousins who argue that they can't go to Hillbrow, Sunnyside or Cape Flats where drugs and all sorts of crime also are. They say they focus where their kids are, in townships. Where is the white dude fighting crime, if not commanding his lieutenants of defence for white supremacy to fight foreigners? I'm not condoning crime by some foreigners but crime happens in cities as well. Why is the white puppet master not leading from the front but send his black sheep on the firing line? He must confront MaRussia, Maphara and SVK and all those bad guys with guns.

The DA did exactly the same thing when they protested. Blacks must be in the front.

But when you talk about protest against mekhukhu, amatyotyombe or economic inequality they go silent because it's about removing blacks from from the life of squalor and making them economically equal.

NB: I wish I could differentiate between economic classes without mentioning race but in SA everything is stacked in racial terms. And it's historical from apartheid.

In addition They will always ask what our good education has done for us.

Here is a perfect example for Dubula and South Africa: In November 2017 Zimbabweans peacefully removed President Mugabe from power.

Not a single person died.

Not a single shop looted.

Not a single car burnt.

Tell me how must you lost to remove President Zuma from jail.

That is the difference between education and ignorance.

THAT is why a Zimbabwean without a passport can swim across the Limpopo and take your job at McDonald's.




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BY Alupheli 🎉💯


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