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Julius Malema on about stadiums to be open in order to enjoy himself watching soccer


Due to the coronavirus, there has been so many activities that are not yet allowed to be done in public as the government fears for the spreading of the virus . With that being said , the number of the coronavirus itself hasn’t seem to decrease even though it is said the new variant is just same as flu. 

Julius Malema who is the president of the CIC has  spoken during the press conference to say that president Cyril Ramaphosa must open stadiums as they need to enjoy the soccer football. It seems as though Julius Malema is not bothered by the fact that millions of people are still dying out there . To him he doesn’t care less to what happens to people as long as it benefits him and his family as well as his party . 

South Africa still have a long way to go . There is so much things to be done in terms of fighting for the gender based violence, crimes committed as well as corruption. President Cyril Ramaphosa is not sleeping day and night making sure that all these gets fixed in order for South Africa to go back to its old days. There is however a chance that the EFF can win the next coming elections but that’s just pure speculations as they haven’t proven themselves to such an extent. EFF doesn’t have leadership skills and therefore they need to use the little time they have in order to gain more experience as much as they can .

People have made their own comments saying that the country must comes first, there are important things to be fixed before the stadium  to be open which is not even urgent. Kindly let us know if you would rather watch soccer than to prevent serious issues such as the virus that is killing your fellow brothers and sisters . Please also like and follow me for more news updates . 

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