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It was even not a corner kick: More evidence keeps on coming on against Ghana fake penalty: OPINION


Photo: Twitter ( the attack that caused a penalty)

According to the video," This incident shows that Ghanaian forward Jordan Ayew missed the target and the ball went out for a corner kick. No South African player touched the ball."

The investigation is getting interesting and in favour of South Africa. The foundation of that penalty was a corner kick which was not supposed to be awarded because Jordan Ayew was the one who put the ball outside of the ground. Now the blame goes on both the linesman and the in between match referee for not being competent. The linesman should have take a decision as it was his side to react in such manner but he insisted to award a corner kick to Ghana and that's where part 2 started.

Photo: Twitter ( The controversy corner kick)

Part 2 of the referee's fault.

The corner kick part was never that serious but looking at how things were inside the box, there was no incident which could cause a player to go down like how that player did. Yes there was a little contact but not dragging him down but the referee didn't hesitate but to give away the penalty without blinking.

The referee together with the linesman should be held accountable for this penalty, even a 10 years old kid wouldn't award such penalty.

Photo: Twitter screenshot (Another fault by both linesman and a referee)

By FIFA approved rule, it is not allowed for a player to intervene inside the box before the penalty is taken. However, one of the Ghanian players got inside the box before Ayew could take the penalty.


Everyone who breaks a rule and found guilty should be put behind suspension and behind bars for penetration of others fortunate, therefore that referee should face what he did that night.

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