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Pirates Star to Slaughter A Sheep for Lepasa Because of This

When soccer players buys something new. They can celebrate it in many ways. Whether they buy a car, house or anything with sentimental value. 

A soccer player can either decide to go big or go home. It is always good to see teammates been very close inside and outside the field of play. This can only improve the chemistry and team work during the game. Zakhele Lepasa and Linda Mntambo have developed a very close relationship. They are close friends. They often tease each other and advice each. The follow each other religiously.

Mntambo have teased his teammates about his cracked phone previously. He saw something on top of the car while talking with Lepasa. He could not believe his eyes that after such a long time his friend has bought himself a brand new Phone. 

He was hearrd saying the owner,the owner,the owner refering to a brand new iphone for Lepasa. He said finally Zakhele has bought himself a brand new phone. This calls for a big celebration. 

He promised to Slaughter a Sheep to celebrate this achievement. It is not clear why Lepasa took so long for him to buy a brand new phone.

However he is not the only footballer who moved around with a cracked phone. Many people were shocked to see Sadio Mane walk around with a cracked phone previously. Mane did explain that he will rather help the community built school, provide food and clothing rather than focus on luxury items.

Lepasa was also seen doing good for the community. It seems like he also gives certain issue a high priority than a luxury's items.

It seems like he has taken a leaf out of Mane's book. He was also also previously seen given back to the community together with his friends Linda Mntambo.


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