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'See What Wardle Said About Williams Move To Mamelodi Sundowns.

Read what Wardle had to say about Williams' transfer to Mamelodi Sundowns here.

Williams to Downs: It is a bad move for him.

The impending transfer of Ronwen Williams to Mamelodi Sundowns, who are the current champions, has been called a gamble that might put his position in the Bafana Bafana squad in jeopardy.

After playing for SuperSport United's first team for more than a decade, Williams' move to another club has been discussed and now appears certain.

Williams (30) will find Denis Onyango, Kennedy Mweene, Reyaad Pieterse, and Ricardo Goss at Sundowns, while Jody February has returned from his loan at Swallows. Additionally, Williams will find Ricardo Goss.

"Are they promising Ronwen that he would play each and every week despite the fact that it's only week two? I believe that he is making a poor choice, "According to Brendan Wardle, the source said.

"When he is already our first choice for Bafana Bafana, it would be unwise for him to compete in a league in which he is not assured of being ranked first.

"What is going to take place with the national team now that he is not actively playing for Sundowns? Even though the pay check is nice, is there a chance that he may feel frustrated working in a position that is different from what he is used to?

"Perhaps it would be best for us to observe the situation from a distance so that we don't feel pessimistic about it, but what ended up happening to George Maluleka?

"At Sundowns, the level of competition is very intense. I mean, take a look at how Kennedy plays the game, and how he produces. Even now, he is a very good goalkeeper.

"Who will they boot out of the competition, considering that Ricardo and Reyaad are also competing at a high level?

"As things now stand, one of the keepers will have to put in a request to be loaned out because they are still young enough to desire to play the game.

According to Wardle's line of reasoning, "Onyango and Kennedy have accomplished everything there is to do in football, so I assume the club is preparing ahead."

"Because Andre Arendse was present when they brought in Brian Baloyi, it is possible that he will put a bullet in his own head if he did not heed the guidance that Andre gave him.

"He is heading to Sundowns with the intention of bringing home some hardware. Who wouldn't want their name to be associated with bringing home the league championship? Additionally, he desires to finish his career with multiple league trophies to his name.

"You get a good salary there, but the trouble is that once they let go of you other teams are afraid of signing you because you will now be taking a pay cut and you are no longer used to that," says Wardle. "Once they let you go, other teams are afraid to sign you because you will now be taking a pay cut and you are no longer used to that."



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