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Mabotsa | Maselesele was killed by his FRIENDS

With more plot twist turns that a football match, Lucky Maselesele tragic death keeps having a radical change in direction, leaving many of us concerned as to what really happened that fateful night when he lost his life.

It is very much true when they say a dead man tell no tales but at this particular point in time only a few people including Lucky Maselesele know what really happened on the 15th of October.

Initially we were led to believe that the former Kaizer Chiefs star player was a thief who had a drug problem, claims his family has since went to rubbish. According to his family Lucky Maselesele was a law abiding citizen who fended for himself legally. As many people are still dealing with the tragic death of Maselesele, his long time friend and former teammate Isaac Mabotsa has since came with a different version of the story.

According to Mabotsa many people are creating their own versions of the story. He would further go to share that he spoke to Lucky Maselesele's family who assured him that the deceased knew the people who killed him. Furthermore he would go to share that the people who killed Maselesele were his own friends.

According to Mabotsa he is still shocked after learning that Maselesele was caught stealing electric cables and was on drugs as he never did any of those things. Mabotsa would also go to share that after learning that the killers were arrested he went to the police station where they were kept, where he would learn that on the charge sheet it was still the same story of electric cables and drug use - a cover up story.

Lastly Mabotsa would go to share that nobody knows why Maselesele was killed but it was his friends, his four friends who have been arrested.

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