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Mike Tyson vs Anthony Joshua, who might win?

Who might dominate in a game between Mike Tyson and Anthony Joshua if we somehow happened to place them in the ring at this moment, with no warm up, no notification ahead of time, and no extra preparing? 

Joshua wins without any problem. 

On the off chance that Joshua needed to confront this person on the left, everybody realizes what might occur… … ..Prime Tyson would get rid of Joshua. 

Lamentably for Tyson the date on the schedule peruses 2020 and not 1988. So however incredible as Tyson seemed to be in his prime, he can't move back that numerous years-not at the excellent mature age of 54. 

Regardless of whether they boxed with no earlier notice, the age and latency contrast is excessively. Likewise remember oneself delivered misuse that Tyson has caused throughout the long term drugs, celebrating and so forth… … This has unavoidably added a great deal of undesirable and futile "mileage" to his boxing "clock". 

As an idea in retrospect I guess that you generally need to give Tyson a puncher's possibility … if Tyson matured 54 were to strike it fortunate and land a bomb on AJ's speculate jawline then maybe he could score an impossible knockout. Being idealistic for Tyson - there is possibly a 10% possibility of that incident, in the event that he contracts AJ bug and unprepared… …

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