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Kaizer Chiefs Announce Departure Of Head Scout: Here is why

Considering that Steenbok held two masters degrees and was deligent with his work, have Chiefs shot themselves in the foot?

One can argue that despite Motaung Jr similarly holding a qualification related to management, he does not possess the extraordinary qualities of Steenbok's.

Steenbok himself said: “I would like to thank the Executive Chairman Kaizer Motaung, the Board and Football Manager Bobby Motaung for the opportunity to grow and work within the biggest institution in football. Good luck to the entire Chiefs family.”

it must be remembered that Steenbok is the man who scouted the likes of Mamelodi Sundowns attacking midfielders Gaston Sirino and Ali Meza during his 8 years at the club.

Former Soviet Union leader Vladimir Lenin was once quoted ipsissima verba saying, "there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen."

The Scout who will replace him, must scout a Mobile Striker in Overseas.Good news because he brought abo tshimbandare, kotsivairo, agay, let go of Ntshangase.

I won't blame him,he was a good scout and when coming to agreement with management, they refused to such talented players he scouted. they don't want to spend money on buying players.

I didn't know we have a scout I thought Bobby is the one who scout the players.We now have Ntseki and what i love him for is that he buying national squad material.Fare thee well you middleman we're very happy to have worked with you.

I’m a loyal Chiefs fan but truth is Mshishi deserves to be on the list of highest paid players. That boy is a marvelous to watch and highly decorated player.

But what surprises me chiefs don't win any silverware but still pay their players as if they take everything some other teams uses their players for their own benefits nxaa but let me tool.

I heard Sundowns is knocking on his doors. He's indeed a great scout, he has an eye for players. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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