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Opinion| The wrongfully awarded penalty against South Africa might have been planned, see why

Bafana lost a controversial encounter against Ghana in the World Cup Qualifiers. After a corner was taken and a Ghanaian player dove in the penalty box, the referee gave Ghana a penalty.

The sad part is that the same penalty is the reason why South Africa will not be able to compete in the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. Bafana defeated Ghana in the first leg, and Ghana needed referee assistance to win the match by a score of 1-0.

The South African Football Association requested that the match be replayed, but FIFA refused the appeal, leaving Hugo Broos and his team to watch the match from their homes. They performed well and could have won the other matches, but luck was not on their side, and they will have to settle for watching other nations compete in Qatar on television.

The fact that FIFA denied the appeal and SAFA chose not to pursue the matter further made me question whether everything had been planned. If the match was replayed, SAFA would have to pay for hotels, food, transportation, and plane tickets, thus pursuing the issue further would be quite costly for them, and I believe they will not take the matter further to avoid further expenses.

I also believe that the CAF and other organizations wanted Ghana to qualify instead because it consistently outperforms all other African countries. Obviously, Bafana would disappoint, and they would not want South Africa or Africa as a whole to be embarrassed. Consider how Bafana would fare against Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, or Belgium. We'd be beaten by more than four goals, so while it's unjust to us, I believe they did what was best for them. The unfortunate part is that what they believe is best for Africa and SAFA is not necessarily best for Bafana and South African football fans.

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