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[Watch] See The Full video of Mamkhize Rewarding Her Players With Cash After A Match, Is it right?

Date: 03/10/21



Mamkhize is now famously known as the woman in sports. She has single-handedly changed how women in South Africa are viewed in the sports atmosphere. Since RoyalAM made it to the PSL, she has been trying different ways to change the game. Not just in the field but in every way most South Africans are used to. One of the ways was how she rewarded her players with money after they won their KZN derby.


On Sunday, Royal AM went against Maritzburg United in a KZN derby merch. For the very first time, Royal AM won a derby game when they scored two goals against their opponents. The final score was 2-1 and Mamkhize was very happy, she decided to reward her players. In a video, Mamkhize and her son can be seen coming into the field with a paper bag full of money.

Andie Mpisane, who is the chairman of the team was the one who pulled out stacks of money. It seems like each stack had a player's name. He called out the names of each player and handed them the money. This was something never seen before in South Africa. Teams have never been so flashy. It is not known how much each player was getting but people are very surprised at such behaviour.


This whole video proves how Mamkhize is trying to change how owners treat their players. It is however very unsafe for the players as they are seen being given money. This makes hungry criminals aware of the fact that they have cash. They can be targeted after the match and their safety can be compromised.

Mamkhize will also now become a target for criminals and they will think she always carries around a stack of money. The act on its own was very good but she didn't think it through as it can lead to very bad consequences in the near future.

Watch full video below:

What is your take on the matter? Do you think Mamkhize did a good thing here or she made a big mistake?

Leave a comment below and please follow me fire more insighful news reporting.

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