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Most Aggressive Players In Premier League History.

9.Vinnie Jones

What fresh information about Vinnie Jones can we contribute to what has already been said? Jones is a force to be reckoned with; it's that simple. Without a doubt, this is the most effective way to explain Vinnie Jones's on-field performance.

8.Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is a Premier League legend who has exemplified brilliance, sportsmanship, and honesty for many years. But it's also true that during his career, Steven Gerrard has received the same number of red cards as Vinnie Jones. Given Gerrard's reputation, it's odd to see him on that list.

This only shows that, despite his greatness, Gerrard is a human being who makes mistakes on occasion.

7.Joey Barton

Barton is one of the craziest people to ever walk onto a soccer pitch, according to most soccer fans who have been watching the Premier League faithfully. His on-field antics have made him a terrible player and human being, but his off-field antics haven't helped matters.

He was detained multiple times for driving under the influence of alcohol and even fighting on the road.

6.Vidic, Nemanja

At times, the Russian behemoth has been blamed totally for Manchester United's defense. Nemanja Vidic, a muscular and physically imposing figure, kept Manchester United's back four together. Many players have taken inspiration from Vidic, who has established himself as the paradigm for a successful center-back strategy.

Despite receiving six yellow cards over his career, Vidic is still one of United's top defenders. It's disheartening to see how undervalued Vidic has become over his career.

5.Martin Keown,

Under Arsene Wenger, Martin Keown evolved into a crucial player for Arsenal, putting up consistently solid and reliable performances. However, Keown's fabled rage has gotten the best of him on occasion, and he has played recklessly, costing his team a game or two.

Arsenal's situation has improved steadily since then, and the team's total number of red cards has decreased.

4.Roy Keane,

The on-field antics of Roy Keane, as well as accounts from his teammates, have established beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was feared by practically everyone.

Roy Keane was a key member of Manchester United's treble-winning squad, and Sir Alex Ferguson frequently referred to him as the team's most essential player. His ruthlessness made him legendary in old Trafford and, as a result, around the world.

3.Duncan Ferguson is number three.

Big Dunc is a Premier League legend, not for his achievements or ability on the field, but for his resemblance to a Mac Truck.

2.Patrick Vieira is number two.

He was the only person who didn't fear Roy Keane. He went on to become not only one of Arsenal's nicest center midfielders, but also one of the game's most assured players. For his ensemble, he put on high-quality, effective performances. However, as a result of his conduct, he received several red cards and was involved in a number of on-field scuffles.

Arsenal had a difficult time filling the vacuum left by Vieira's departure since he is a true sporting legend. He didn't just stop being terrified of Roy Keane; he also became the most effective person Roy Keane feared. Their bitter enmity is well-known, but they've miraculously become best friends.

1.Richard Dunne is number one.

The excellent Irish midfielder is another player on the list of the sector's most careless players. Throughout his career, Richard Dunne had a reputation as one of the most enraged players on the field. Richard Dunne, who seemed to be on the edge of murdering his opponents, scared not just his opponents but also his coworkers.

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