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"If Black Is Beautiful, Then Why Am I Still Single And Loney. WHY?"

There is no doubt that many people believe in the utmost fact that black is beautiful, almost all around the world dark skinned people are praised and known to be either handsome or beautiful.

It is something that has been ongoing for years, and it is known that black represents something beautiful even after we had democracy in South Africa too black people were praised.

However some of these dark skinned people seem to have a low self-esteem and that is understandable, maybe it has something to do with what they have been told before or they have been mocked through their skin colour.

This girl took to twitter to cry out to the world saying that if black is beautiful then why is she still single and lonely, of which may prove that she is worried about her being single and lonely at all times.

Well it is a question that nobody would have an answer to, most probably she would find the answer one day but nobody can really say why she is still single and lonely because nobody may really know.

But i personally do believe that black is beautiful and she should feel good about herself, what do you think?.

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Black Is Beautiful


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