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Meet The Identical Twins That Earn The Exact Amount Of Salary And Play For The Same Team

Twins that are identical attempt to retain their resemblance by wearing the same clothes, having the same hairdo, and being constantly seen around one another. If you enjoy identical twins, then you will enjoy meeting the Martin twins.

The Martin twins are identical twins (Caleb and Cody Martin) who work in the same field.

They elevated identical nature to an entirely new degree. Not only do they share a basketball team in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets, but they also earn identical wages down to the last cent. According to the website hoopshype, they each earn $ 1,782,621 million.

In comparison to the Morris brothers, Marcus makes $14 million and Markieff receives $2 million.

The Martin Twins were extremely impoverished as children, living in a trailer with their mother and elder brother. They got wealthy and famous after entering the NBA. They are frequently seen with the same hairstyle, which is another similarity they share.

Their mother was the sole provider for them. Now that they are wealthy and well-known, they host basketball camps and assist other impoverished children.

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