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Talented and gifted young man left people with stitches. Check what people noticed

19-years-old Ntando Mahlangu came home with two gold medals from Summer Paralympics.


This young man just proved that being disabled is not the end of the world, if you put your mind and heart into it, nothing is impossible. After so many years trying to show his talent but lagging support from sponsors with necessary things. Ntando finally proved to them that he can truly put his talents into use by winning two gold medals at Summer Paralympics.

Ntando advised people like him to not give up in life and or feel unwelcome in this world, he told them that being disabled is not a barrier to become successful in life, only if you put your mind into it and tell yourself that you can do it, then you will do it.

However, people gave Ntando compliments for coming home to South Africa with two gold medals, they also warned him to be more careful of dating any girls because now he have money and many girls will come running to him. Some people noticed his talent and how he is gifted, surely many girls now are watching him and he must be more careful and focus on his career and not allow other things to distract him.

Many people were wishing him all the best in his career, while others were busy focusing on his gift, some even said god he is so creative, he decided to take his legs but in return, he gave him something big than that. Surely his girlfriend is the one who can testify on how his boyfriend is gifted because clearly, it shows that he is talented and gifted.

Everyone was sharing his opinion and some of his opinions were going straight to his gift and advising him to take care of it.

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Ntando Mahlangu


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