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Assistant Referee I did not See the Ball - Ace Ngobo on Penalty and Manyama Incident

The second we have all being sitting tight for has at last shown up. 

Pro Ngcobo has at long last accompanied the decision after he at first wouldn't add his view about the episode. 

There was two occurrence Manyama's episode and the punishment. The official was closer to the activity contrasted with the helped reference,no player was before him when the occurrence occurred. he had clear view. 

At 92:33 minutes the official had his whistle in the mouth however he didn't blow it. At 92:38 he brings his whistle into his mouth, He doesn't blow it , presently this is after around three contacts had been made by three players. The ball it is as yet flowing. 

At 92:40 he then, at that point, contact his ear piece and blow the whistle. He then, at that point, focuses to the container an honor the occurrence as punishment. 

- Second portion of the episodes 

At the point when you take a gander at the photos over the associate arbitrator is darkened. he can not consider the to be as it warms the protector. 

Pro Ngcobo has it on great power that the helped arbitrator said he didn't see were the ball landed. 

On Manyama's episode. The ball struck him on the thigh there was no hand ball. He moved his arm away from the ball before he crossed the ball. 

The ball strikes the shoulder of Amazulu player. 

The official didn't give the occurrence himself on the grounds that there was a great deal of postponements before a ultimate choice was taken. 

The arbitrator was prompted by the fourth authority who was around 45 meters away contrasted with the official who was only 7 meters away. 

The choice interaction was all off-base when you see what occurred before the arbitrator blew the whistle such countless things were off-base. 


As per Ace Ngobo that was not a punishment. 

The official was 7 meters away. He should be fearless enough on the grounds that the associate arbitrator consumed a huge chunk of time to settle on a choice. 

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