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10 tips to get your girlfriend to watch soccer with you.

I haven't always liked football. No that's not true. I've always loved the energy around football and the football season, but I haven't always had a love for the real game.

The reason? I didn't understand it, and no one was patient enough to teach me.

Finally, I met my husband, and he did it right. I now drag him out of the house to watch football. Let's take your daughter to the red zone with these 10 tips for getting your girlfriend to watch football.

1) Let her know that you really want her to watch it with you. This is the most basic advice, but the most important.

2) Be patient with her. If she repeatedly asks you questions about certain plays or the meaning of specific jargon, explain it to her. It only takes a minute (it's not a minute of a football game), and that's one more step towards understanding the game.

3) Even if it's only for a moment, pay attention to her during the game. Okay, during the commercials. Okay, during the commercials if those commercials are not during the Super Bowl.

4) Include it when you give your friends a maximum of five, but only give it 50% of your strength. Everybody likes to high five. Some of us just prefer one without the male pups and the blisters.

5) Get her a sexy shirt for her favorite sports team. You will definitely want it around when you wear it.

6) If you want to wear a pink t-shirt, leave it alone.

7) This is something I have discovered, and it may be misleading, but you guys are always twisting or squeezing something during sports. (Hopefully you don't know what, you're not five years old.) Instead of grabbing the remote to save your life, put your hand on his shoulder or leg. You could also get a free massage while you can, whether you know you're doing it or not.

8) Have you heard of NFL Survivor? This is the NFL game with the simplest concept and a ridiculous amount of money up for grabs.

Ready? At the start of the season, choose a team to win each week. You must render your decision for the week before Thursday. You will never be able to choose this team again. Once you've picked a losing team, you're out. If you let her participate, not only will she support teams she never would have made before, but you will too.

9) If she can't look away from Jordan Cameron or JJ Watt, don't blame her. Got some smoky cheerleaders to look at, and isn't she worth a little eye candy too?

10) If all else fails and it's really just a disappointment to have during soccer games, don't force her to be there.

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