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Amateurish Mashiane denies Letsoalo goal NO 7 / Opinion

They call football the gentleman's sport , but when Royal AM's Levi Mashiane pounced on a goal- bound shot from his teammate Victor Letsoalo , there was nothing gentlemanly about such conduct.

Levi Mashiane's overzealousness left many football lovers asking themselves many difficult questions as to why he didn't just let the ball cross the goal line on its own. The ball was almost crossing the goal line , there was no need for Mashiane to finish it off , unless he wanted to steal a glorious moment from the team's leading goal scorer .

Laws of the game are very clear , the last player to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line , will be one credited with the goal. So it's safe to assume that Mashiane had this rule in mind when he decided to do what he did , deny his team mate the opportunity to be the league's leading goal scorer at that moment.

Competition between team mates is known to be so intense so much that team mates regularly kick each other during practice sessions , causing serious injury to one another , the other another ,so much that the other player does not play come match day. Another another example will be when a player in possession doesn't pass the ball to a team mate who is better positioned to score. The list of these kind of professional jealousy is endless.

Lets hope Mashiane's conduct had nothing to do with the foresaid examples , but it was just an innocent amateurish deed. Fresh in Mzanzi's top flight football , Levi Mashiane is still learning and will learn how to support his teammates when required to so.

As for Victor Letsoalo , a seasoned professional , Mzanzi hopes he quickly forgets the incident and focus on getting more goals for the team.

They say competition amongst players is healthy , as long is for the benefit of the team.

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