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Here is why Lorch is trending : This time is not Natasha

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It has became so much difficult these days to speak about Lorch and not associate his name with Natasha in South Africa . This is also due to the fact that their relationship was one of the well spoken in the space of South Africa , and what so many of the South Africans were celebrating ans some being against for sure.

Some or many of the South Africans still believes that Lorchs poor performance in football is associated and Attached to Natasha on a daily basis , that’s how things are in going from time to time in the political space of South Africa in the meantime and how people Continue to operate in the meantime . But it’s people and their views , you can’t deny them their views.

after some times of people bot speaking about his name on the Social media platforms , they have again went back to engaging about his name in the spaces and such continues to happen even in the meantime . This was caused by the fact that he has recovered from injury and again went back to the field of play and he is playing once again in the fields .

Many other people and players who at some points struggle in their lives and manages to recover , I think Lorch should be given that chance to re work his life and his way of playing football from time to time . As one of the best players in South Africa, he can still stand straight and understand how things are currently working in the football of South Africa.Nothing is predictable , even the chances that he might not come back to becoming one of the best players are there and such things can happen at any point and time in the meantime . That’s exactly how things are operating in the meantime and he should be protected like many other South Africans . It happens and can happen at any point and time even at the moment .

I think even Lorch should never be hard on himself . He must give himself a chance to adapt to the current ways of doing things and still believes that he will recover at this point ans time

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