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8 Reasons to Love Cristiano Ronaldo Besides His Great Soccer Skills

A soccer player, philanthropist, and billionaire. This is a fantastic mix. We're not talking about a fictional superhero here; he's real. A person with a passionate soul who accomplishes good actions.

It brings us great pleasure to introduce to you 9 key virtues of Cristiano Ronaldo, the youthful superman.

He regularly donates blood

For the past four years, the soccer player has been donating blood and blood plasma. By the way, he doesn't have any tattoos because you can only donate blood 6-12 months after getting a tattoo.

He devotes a lot of his time to charity

Despite the fact that Cristiano does not market it, journalists are always aware when he provides large quantities of money for young fans' surgeries, home reconstruction, or hospital sponsorship. He does it just as regularly as he donates blood, according to the regular reports about his charity activities.

He never forgets old friends

This soccer player pays frequent visits to his old buddies and enjoys giving them gifts. For example, Cristiano gave Albert Fantrau a large mansion as a token of their friendship. Because Albert gave Cristiano his chance at Sporting CP's regional qualifying match. Cristiano received the pass and scored the most significant goal of his career, paving the path for a professional soccer future.

He adores his family

Cristiano's enormous popularity, hordes of fans, millions of followers, and large sums of money in his bank accounts have had no effect on his core values: family comes first. He'd rather spend his vacation with his large, boisterous, and loving family than on a quiet island in a luxurious mansion. A fancy gathering isn't as enjoyable as a simple night with his favorite children.

He communicates easily and openly with his fans.

When you have a large fan base, it's difficult to devote adequate time to each one. Nonetheless, some of them will be dissatisfied or depressed. When they meet Ronaldo, though, they do not feel this way. Even though he was late for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he took time off the bus to console a crying young fan. He hugged the youngster and signed his autograph.

He loves the sport of soccer, not the money.

Cristiano Ronaldo is more passionate about soccer than anything else, and he is willing to play it even if he is not paid for it. He donated his entire salary to charity after Real Madrid won the Champions League. That was more than half a million euros, by the way.

He isn’t shy about expressing his feelings.

Finally, he is a powerful, self-assured, and compassionate individual. Cristiano has a wide spectrum of emotions and is not hesitant to express them in public. He tears, laughs, and celebrates with the same fervor, whether the events are joyful or unfavorable.

He’s always ready to help. Even if the other team’s player needs it.

Cristiano performed a powerful and touching move by assisting the opposing team's player to the bench. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this player decided the fate of the Portuguese team. Only Cristiano, we believe, could remain calm in this situation and assist another skilled player with humility and respect.

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