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Did Mhango Really Fail To Pay A R26 000 Bill At A Night Club? Find Out Here

Let me start by reminding you that there are many South African professional soccer players who ruined their careers by being addicted to alcohol. What was Gabadinho Mhango doing in the nightclub anyway?

There are many articles written about Gabadinho Mhango's failure to pay a R26 000 bill in a nightclub. Is this how much soccer players spend every night in nightclubs whenever they feel like clubbing? Soccer players need to be educated about spending money wisely.

Mhango was apparently confined in a nightclub after failing to pay a R26 000 bill, is it possible for a well know South African professional soccer play to fail to pay R26 000? Did Mhango really fail to pay a R26 000 bill in a nightclub? Mhango was apparently detained at Propaganda nightclub for not paying. 

Is Mhango the type that parties all night and spend money like it grows on trees? I don't know, only he knows the truth. There is also an article that says, "It's Propaganda: Nightclub denies detaining Mhango." This makes me wonder if Mhango really failed to pay his bill or not.

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