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Opinion: 6 Of The Most Tragic MMA Fighter Deaths

Source: Sportskeeda

Wrestling sports are dangerous in nature. It cannot be harmed by the thousands of wars that take place every year. Sadly, many warriors die as a result of their sports. At least 500 people have died in the sport since the advent of modern boxing. Some men struggle, struggle, and succeed. Some men endure, win, grow. Some are mentally broken; Some are physically broken. However, it is even more shocking when the warlords who make their living by the trade are passing by. On this note we bring you the 6 most tragic MMA fighter deaths

 1. Justin Eilers

 Justin Eiller's previous heavyweight title was a challenging heavy hand millet product known to take any test. It would not be clear if Ellis decided to fight champion Andre Arlovsky in the UFC 53 title for a short time. The heavyweight out of UFC was driven by bankruptcy, and he eventually found himself in Elite XC in several promotions. His most recent fight was in 2008 when he was defeated by Antonio Silva in the Elite XC heavyweight belt. Although Eiler's work may not be on the list, the story of the deceased may seem strange. A.D. On Christmas Eve 2008, Elers got into a heated argument with his stepfather, Robert Malek. The confrontation took place, and Malik fired a round of shots at Eiler's chest. He was only 30 years old at the time of the struggle.

 2. Patrick's Day

 Let's start with the recent ring death to show the seriousness of boxing death. Patrick Day, a 27-year-old American boxer at the time, lost to Charles Conwell. The knock was hard, but it was not uncommon until it became clear that he could not wake up during the day. During the day, paramedics left the stage on a stretcher. He was in a coma and had to undergo emergency brain surgery. He died the day after the surgery. During the talk show, Stephen A. Smith invited top-ranked boxer Bob Arum to investigate. Conwal was very happy at the time, but he did not know how difficult it was to leave, and later in an open letter he publicly apologized to Dane and his family.

 3. Jordan Parsons

 Jordan Parsons came from the United States and was an accomplished martial artist who competed in lightweight and featherweight classes. Parsons finally signed with Bellarter MMA after becoming the champion of the Lightweight Championship (CFA). In the MMA 11-2 record, 'Pretty Boy' was nominated for greatness. He had to fight on May 14, 2016. On May 1, Parsons was tragically killed in a car accident. Jordan Parsons, 28, was hit by a Dennis Wright Range Rover near his Florida apartment. Parsons was taken to hospital with amputation and multiple injuries. The fighter, however, died of his wounds. He was 26 years old at the time.

 4. Jeremy Williams

 Jeremy Williams had a 5-2-1 professional record before fighting Marco Ruus in the IFL and has not competed in more than five years since 2002. Supply from the organization. The decision was fruitful, with Williams winning two games in a row and elevating his position in the league due to his technical triangle. Williams' main opponent was himself, despite his professional success. A.D. In mid-2007, he lost weight in a car accident in his hometown of California, California. Although the motive for the attack is unknown, some close to Williams believe that discouragement has played a role. Williams' departure has had a devastating effect on the future of the IFL team, especially in the Southern California condominium. Williams was 27 at the time.

 5. Fau Vake

 Fau Vak, a rising star in New Zealand, died at the Auckland City Hospital in a battle for his life. On May 16, the young fighter was killed and four others were seriously injured. Vak was a friend and teammate of Jim Kickboxing, a UCFC middleweight champion in Auckland, New Zealand. The 25-year-old fighter also had a 3-year-old daughter. Vak was a well-known Kick boxer who moved to MMA and went 2-0 in his career. Vac's death was a shock to the MMA community, which expresses his deepest condolences to his family and friends. Israel Adesanya posted a photo of his friend and wished Wow Vake and his family well. The young warrior has been taken very close and is very sad.

 6. Kevin Randleman

 Kevin Randlman is still considered one of the most influential figures in the field of martial arts. MMA mythology has always been associated with cut-outs and shiny hair. Randallman Valle Tudo, a former NCAA Division 1 fighter, competed in some of the most prestigious MMA events in the world, including World Cup, Strikeforce, PRIDE FC and UFC. Randlman competed in lightweight and heavyweight division and became the UFC heavyweight champion at UFC 23 in November 1999. A.D. In 2007, Kevin Randlman was fatally stabbed to death and entered the system, closing his liver and kidneys. He was able to cope with the disease and survive. Unfortunately, Randlman contracted pneumonia in 2016 and died of pneumonia. He was 44 years old when he died suddenly, shocking the MMA community.

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