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A dream match between Tyson and Ali, what a match it would be.

Boxing for me is by far the best body contact sport ever. It's like this you may be the best heavy hitter or the fastest boxer. Yet you will need skill and strategy and knowledge combination of all. In boxing their are different division, such as light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. Light weight are set to be the fastest boxers, which means physics has been explained. With every division there are also champions for every division. Yet the ones I'm speaking of are the heavy weights. The big hitters which Tyson and Ali, the best they was and best their is. Both Fighters are from different times and have faced different challenges. Besides there challenges, they have over come them to be where they are. They have become motivations for other young Fighters of today. As they sit in the memories of those who love them, they become immortalized by them. Ali was the best fighter of his time, entertainer, poet, activist and nicknamed The Greatest. The best of the 20th century. Ali had to through a lot to be where he is, just like eny black man in those days. He had a way with words that will bring peoples attention. His confidence was addictive and many still wanted to be like him. As a man who was outspoken he challenged the government at the time that he will not be going to a war for a country that against his skin color and believes. In the boxing ring many loved his body movements. It was like looking at a dance tiptoes around the ring. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a Bee that's how many described it. The world's Greatest. Mike Tyson, we can't talk about heavy weights and leave him out. This mans fights where too short. He knocked out his opponents so fast that you could get home in time. He was a beast, like a Tiger walk around in the ring. Not many lasted with him. In his childhood Tyson was born in to a harsh poverty background. We could boxing saved his life. Iron Mike was his nickname.

There is many things that can be said about this great fights comment and have your say.

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