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A YouTuber offers $100 000 for people to quit their jobs.

Talk about giving back,YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson AKA 'Mr.Beast'.Who is only 22 years old,And has already achieved alot.From being nominated in various awards like Kids Choice Awards and winning YouTuber of the year and Creator of the year.

Mr.Beast released a video,With over 20 million views and to his over 50 million subscribers,Asking people to quit their jobs for a $100K.Many were flattered and said they would take the money but not quit their jobs.One cheque cannot just cover everything.Mr.Beast was kind anyway,He still gave them $100K.A woman that also works at Walmart was given $10 000,As she shared a very emotional story about her Grandmother,Which brought her and the viewers to tears.A pilot also had $10K for completing a challenge regarding paper planes.One generous man who stopped on a highway,To help "Change Beast tires"but later became the mans car because he stopped and got the Jeep.

The video ended on a good note,With two football players,That had to do a challenge of throwing the ball to each other.They both ended up getting $20 000 Each.

Shout out to Mr.Beast for helping all those people.And it was very generous of him,Also good for content.

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