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Bad news for South Africa as there will not be a re match on the game of Bafana and Ghana

Things are really not looking good for the South African Football Association( SAFA) after they suffered a measure blow when FIFA released its outcome on the case that put before them. The outcome is not what South Africans were hoping for.

FIFA dismissed SAFA application as they were hoping for a rematch with Ghana for the world cup qualifier. Bafana Bafana lost 1-0 to Ghana in a controversial penalty which led SAFA to take further action on this matter.

Ghana must be thrilled as they have always complained that there is no case in this matter and they did not want even FIFA to entertain the case.

SAFA is saying that it is studying the outcome and they will decide on the way forward. Maybe they should just leave this. They must just let bygones be bygones because if they take the route of appealing this outcome, they might be disappointed yet again. This is also giving false hopes to South Africans as many had hopes that there would be a replay of the match just as it has happened before.

Mayb it is about time that we consider having VAR because we will forever be complaining about this things. Even with our local matches, we still have this kind of wrong decisions being made by the referees.

In cricket, teams are able to review decions being made by the umpires because they are also humans and they are bound to make errors.

And some people seems to be very excited that South Africa has lost this bit. They are saying that the match was fair and square and just maybe they should go and live in Ghana so that they can experience the fair and square they are talking about. Maybe they can also offer them job opportunities and IDs.

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