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‘See How The Senegalese Player Who Was Called 'Ugly' Has Transformed (Photos)

Senegalese footballer Krepin Diatta is well-known for his work as a midfielder with Club Brugge KV and the Senegalese national team, both of which compete in international competition. He's also a talented footballer who has previously represented the Senegalese national team in international competition. 

Even more attention was drawn to the player himself after he scored a spectacular goal for Senegal in their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations first match against Tanzania. 

In the past, he appeared to have looked like this: 

For a small number of people in Africa, the achievement of the aim became a source of ridicule and humiliation, despite the fact that it was generally well accepted. It's comprehensible considering that we are our own worst enemy in our own country, despite the fact that it's bad. Most people believe that racial abuse directed at black people begins with the white race, but this is no longer the true; it has now become evident that we Africans are no longer tolerant of one other's existence. 

What happens now when an African accuses another of being "too black," "too dark," or, more appropriately, "ugly," is that racism is not escalated to inconceivable heights, as it has been in the past? 

His most recent photographs demonstrate that he is slowly but surely undergoing an extraordinary transformation, as seen by the photographs shown above and below. In fact, it appears as though he is in the process of dropping weight. In the aftermath, some suspect that he may have undergone cosmetic surgery or something else to make his face appear more attractive than it was before. 

It doesn't matter what he is doing to improve his appearance; we should appreciate and admire him for who he is as an African, and we should refrain from body shaming him at any point in time as a result of his physical appearance. 

Would you say that the operation or the fact that he has regained his freedom from his prior situation is the source of his happiness at this point in time? I believe that your point of view is really important. 

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