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Bad News| Kaizer Chiefs Vs Al Ahly Match Might Not Happen on 17 July, See Why

Date: 26/06/21

The whole of Africa is waiting for the historical final of the CAF championship between Kaizer Chiefs and Al Ahly. This match has been decided that it will be playing in Morocco on the 17th of July 2021. That was the date released on Saturday when both teams qualified for the finals but a very big problem has occurred and there are chances that the game may nolonger play on the 17th of July.

It is reported that the Egypt Football Association has applied to the CAF organisation a letter that is requesting for the match between Kaiser Chiefs and Al Ahly to not take place on the 17th of July but it is pushed forward to either the 14 or 15hh of July. This is a very unexpected request from the Egypt football association as many people's minds were already made up for the 17th but according to them, there is a valid reason.

It is said that most of the players that are part of the Al Ahly team are part of the Egypt national team which needs to participate in the Olympics. It is said that every one of those players needs to be in the Olympics medical bubble on the 17th of July which happens to be the same day as the game. This means that it's almost impossible for these players to make it and they are crucial to both Al Ahly and the national team.

CAF now has to decide to either move the match to an earlier date or continue with the match as it is already planned. The decision has not been made as of yet but there are chances it could go both ways for the match. If it is decided that the match continues as is, Al Ahly will have to replace a majority of its players which will in fact hinder their performance but in turn, it will advantage Kaiser Chiefs.

The whole fate of the match is hanging in the balance. Some Kaiser Chiefs fan is praying that the match is indeed kept as is so that winning the championship comes easy and others wish that they move the match so they can win fair and square. The final decision will be made within the week and the people will know if the final will be compromised or not.

What is your take on the matter?

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