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“The airplane had load shedding” Shauwn Mkhize’s plane to Cameroon for Afcon final develops fault

Multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize was disappointed to miss out on watching the African Cup of Nations final between Egypt and Senegal.

As usual, MaMkhize, popularly known, publicized her trip to the West African country, only to be disappointed by Ethiopian Airways.

Build up to the trip

MaMkhize shared videos of her planned trip to Cameroon.

“Guys, I don’t dislike things today, but before I go, I want to see my son and say bye-bye and my new makoti,” she said while heading to the hotel where Andile and wife Tamia Mpisane were staying. Unsurprisingly, Andile’s best friend Shaun Stylist was also at the hotel.

She bid farewell to the three and chatted briefly with Shaun. Asked why she chose the North Africans, MaMkhize said she initially supported Cameroon before Egypt booted them out in the semifinals, but now she was rooting for Egypt. “I’m going to Cameroon, and I think I will be supporting Egypt,” she told Shaun.

Maybe she chose Egypt in solidarity with South African coach Pitso Mosimane who coaches the North African country’s most prominent team Al Ahly.

Just as she was leaving her children, she asked Andile for the pair of socks he was wearing. The moment was so heartwarming that many of her followers commented about it.

Shauwn Mkhize's plane to Cameroon for Afcon final develops a fault

Shauwn Mkhize is on her way to see her children. Image Credit: Instagram/ShauwnMkhize

Turn of events

The Ethiopian Airlines jet she was supposed to board has a fault. The airline advised passengers to wait as the engineers fixed the plane, but the Durban-based construction magnate did not trust the process.

Shauwn Mkhize's plane to Cameroon for Afcon final develops a fault

The faulty Ethiopian Airlines jet. Image Credit: Shauwn Mkhize

“Bad movie /wrong turn. The experience I was looking forward to was just turned down like that airbus had load shedding. They wanted to fix it and put us back on it, I refused. So we are all going to watch the finals together on TV, sorry Royal AM FC for letting you down, my first time with Ethiopian Airlines and the last cause I will never use them again,” Shauwn Mkhize shared on Instagram.

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