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Two CAF officials caught themselves in hot water

With every nation determined to go through to the last round of the 2022 World Cup play-offs, a lot of things have happened and there is a lot of talkong points in different nation, some are feeling they did not get fair officiating and others are complaining of other reasons, no one wants to lose at this point of the qualifiers, every nation wanted to go through.

Repirts emerging suggests that the after losing their game by 2-0 to DRC, Benin Football Federation have decided to lay a complain over the way in which DRC made their substitutions, they feel DRC did what they were not suppose to do and they want the Federation of International Football to intervene since DRC broke the rules.

Why are match-fixing allegations always made after the game and not before it? Possibly, people may know that a match is fixed, maybe by both sides, but remain silent hoping that their side wins. When they lose the complaint is made immediately after the final whistle.

Norman Zvavashe Talking about someone whose talking shit about the country that feeds his whole family and their ancestors. If it wasn't for south Africa you wouldn't even knowing what is a cellphone and what is freedom.

I like the final part," without a west African official" ,west Africans always hv ulterior motives abt us,the whole africa is worse,bt north and west African countries are always against us,the sooner we do something about it the better

Ghana benefited like the Uruguay who benefited in 2010 FIFA world cup whereby Suarez was offside before penalty was awarded furthermore the game against Senegal why it it was replayed 


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