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Pique willing to be sold for fresh blood

Barcelona have been a team to beat in recent years and have been regard as the best team in the world but the team have been playing second best to many teams now.

This comes after a humiliating 8-2 scoreline in Portugal when they were handed a breathtaking beating in a night promised to be entertaining.

Pique have been outstanding in recent year but after yesterday's results, he asked for changes in the team even if it means selling him.

Barcelona coach also stated that they are all traumatized by the results and he is only six month in his contract and cannot make any decision yet.

Barcelona President also said changes will be made and they are waiting for this to blow over but promised that next week a decision have been made.

Barcelona's facts of lack of consistency, one factor could be the board in lack of purchase in the transfer window, second might be in relaying on messi to sort out there problems and lastly the aging players.

Barcelona have an average of 30 players and some are tired to run for the ball, to make tickles and necessary attacks. They have been overplayed and now undermined by opponents playing against them.

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